about PUS


has been in existence for over 20 years, both delighting and disturbing audiences and theatre critics alike. 

PUS is composed of Scott Baker, Valerie Fachman and Charles Pike, Coin Johnson, Geo Epsilanty and Sylvia Kratins, with help from other performers and technicians. PUS concentrates on barebones productions of Samuel Beckett’s works, re-imagined selected classics, and projects of our own creations. PUS is dedicated to explore the unknown, the undocumented, the unspoken, and the unexpected.

...Charles Pike and Scott Baker, who perform under the name PUS but are known in some quarters as the “Beckett Boys,” have been staging excellent productions of these smaller works in the kinds of tiny performance spaces—coffeehouses, back rooms of bars—that drive directors of more conventional plays crazy...no one else in Chicago approaches Beckett with the same joyous intensity as the Beckett Boys. --Jack Helbig, The Chicago Reader