Failure 2 Communicate

a play byValerie Fachman

Failure 2 Communicate immerses you in a world of autistic kids forced into high school classes with gang bangers, and the teachers who try to channel the chaos into education. This physical theatre piece (directed by Scott Baker), through multiple viewpoints, unlocks the inner visions of the inhabitants of a high school for severely Behavior Disordered, Emotionally Disturbed, Learning Disabled students and their teachers, by Valerie Fachman (Joseph Jefferson Citation nominee).

Cast (in alphabetical order):

Geoff Bangs

Brenda Howard

Allen Myers

Jaimelee Roberts

Mindy Marie Vo

Wendell H. Wilson

This video gives a glimpse into one girl’s life and experiences as she deals with her autistic condition. Carly describes herself as being a normal girl who is fighting with her body. That’s a simplification. Watch the interview. 

Sarah (Jessica Schroeder), a teacher at the school, and Jaime (Carlos Barrera), a student with a Traumatic Brain Injury which limits his impulse control, have a complicated relationship.

Gray (Jaimielee Roberts), a teacher at the school, tries to calm Loomis (Geoff Bangs), an autistic student who is often “set-off” by touch.

From left to right: Jaimielee Roberts, Jessica Schroeder, Carlos Barrera, Geoff Bangs.